Lusófonos Creativity Awards

April, 2018

Adsoul was awarded two Bronzes for its work on the “Pinga Amor” solidarity campaign.

Amoreiras 360º Media Kit

April, 2018

Miradouro Amoreiras 360º asked us for a noticeable Media Kit and we did it.

Chill Out Arraial

April, 2018

Chill Out discotech conceived Luanda’s biggest Carnival and called us to light creativity up.

Father's Day

March, 2018

If, throughout the year, the children deserve all the attention, there is a day that attention turns to the parents.

Sounds Good

March, 2018

The first edition of Sounds Good, concerts in the office, has arrived. Bottles were opened and fado sang by the voice of Ana Margarida.

Guess What

January, 2018

Guess What and Adsoul went on a childhood trip. Do you want a ride?


February, 2018

Waking up at 8am became cool, at least when hunger presses here at the agency.

Happy Hour

February, 2018

On Fridays around 4:30 p.m., the bell rings on Adsoul. It's time to fill your stomach

Halloween Adsoul

October, 2017

The Adsoul threw a Halloween party that blew your mind

Shop in Shops Nestlé

October, 2017

We have created two different spaces within the Continente website: The Child Nutrition space and the Nescafé space


Setember, 2017

We conceived the Pinox campaign, a new food supplement that positions itself as a sexual stimulant


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