International Womens’ Day

March, 2020

A gift with history and symbolism.

At the Lusophone Awards we spoke the language of the winners

December, 2019


Day of the Dead

October, 2019

We celebrated life

Healthy walk

September, 2019

Let your heart beat faster.

Culinary gathering

July, 2019

Friendship flavored recipes.

Santos Pop Feast

June, 2019

There is no other festivity like ours.

Japanese Pop Culture Day

April, 2019

An event that honored Japan. And sake.

Gentlemen´s Day

March, 2019

Either the father or the son, they had a really trimmed day.

Ladies Day

March, 2019

On Women’s Day, there was no beauty and fun missing.

Lecture on Happiness with Phd Helena Marujo

March, 2019

There is a happiness formula, and it’s really easy to solve.

“Nothing is impossible” Talk by Paulo Azavedo

December, 2018

Paulo didn’t make a fatality from the fatality of being born with no hands nor legs.

Fastio Contest

June, 2018

We took the Gerês’ animals to a different habitat: the supermarket shelves

Lusófonos Creativity Awards

April, 2018

Adsoul was awarded two Bronzes for its work on the “Pinga Amor” solidarity campaign.

Amoreiras 360º Media Kit

April, 2018

Miradouro Amoreiras 360º asked us for a noticeable Media Kit and we did it.

Chill Out Arraial

April, 2018

Chill Out discotech conceived Luanda’s biggest Carnival and called us to light creativity up.

Father's Day

March, 2018

If, throughout the year, the children deserve all the attention, there is a day that attention turns to the parents.


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