Healthy walk

September, 2019

Nothing better than a walk to celebrate World Heart Day, And to convince employees, neighbors, and clients to partake in it, nothing like strong communication. Visually, we used several elements that refer to hiking: the map, the footprint and the trace, often used to indicate routes. The heart had to appear in these pieces, for it was the most benefited from this action. The colors refer to the anatomy books, where blues and reds are always used to represent the heart. In the text, we tried to be informative while introducing a call to action. Merchandising included a t-shirt alluding to the event and bags with some appetizing treats for our athletes. Because, after a walk and the ”my legs hurt”, one always deserves a relaxing reward, especially if it´s a red, because in moderation, it´s also healthy for the heart! - “Walk now, whine later”.


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